Just some thoughts

The Iliad is good, as are many other works of art. Akhillaos means Grief of the People.
I think Nietzsche mentioned that “Without music, life would be a mistake”.
Well it is a mistake in any case.

Amoeba. Eukaryote. Dolphin. Otter. Seahorse. Whale.

Julian Julian Julian the Apostate.

Mutiny at the Beas river. Coenus speaks to the King, explaining that many of the men are homesick. Homesick. When the King announced that he planned to march back to Macedon, many of the men immediately burst into tears and called on Zeus to bless Alexander.

Witcher Season 2 and the next God of War will be missed.

You could say this and that caused this or that. Akhos, Penthos, Ancient Greek words to describe sorrow.

Many papers that I have prepared to download and have downloaded will be missed. Literature analysis of the Iliad, I didn’t read the Odyssey, On the Indo European culture.

The passages in The Iliad following the news of the death of Patroclus sent to Achilles, I think at the beginning of Book 16. Achilles heaps dust on his comely hair. And then, after the funeral of Patroclus, Achilles goes to sleep away from the host. Then he dreams of the ghost of Patroclus, and when he wakes, it is gone. Somewhere else in the poem Achilles sits next to the shore, where the ‘water comes in waves’ (not exact phrasing). The text of the water coming upon the shore in waves can be linked to Achilles sorrow; grief comes in waves.


Many times I turned to the Iliad for comfort, especially nights in Laos.
The meeting between Priam and Achilles is extremely touching. Both men contemplate on the fate of man. As in mankind.

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